My Take on Spooky Halloween Outdoor Decor

I'll admit, I'm not really a huge fan of Halloween. But drive by my house around Halloween and you'll think differently. My husband and oldest bird love to decorate and do what they can to be sure that all the neighborhood kids are freaked out by our house. They do a good job every year of that!
So this year I figured I'd help a tiny bit and I'm sharing a little of this with you.
A close up of the front of the downstairs.
...incorporate a few Zombies into the scene. 
They have such an amazing welcoming touch.
...and see the kids will LOVE them!
How To Make the Halloween BEWARE Sign
I had to contribute something to the decor so I threw together a BeWaRe sign for the house.
{S U P P L I E S}
Get an old plank of wood {use any size that will work for your yard}
Grab some paint. 
{I used a simple white acrylic paint + blended with a little red for the look and feel of blood}
Grab a brush {I admittedly used one of my birds' paint brushes}
Drill with a drill bit to cut through wood {1/2" used)
1/4"- 1/2" thick twine
{H O W  T O}
Seriously this is the most simple sign ever, it doesn't need to be perfect or a solid paint.
Paint BEWARE or whatever Halloween phrase you want to show.
Keep it imperfect, and lightly brush the edges of the wood and rub back with a cloth to give a worn effect.
Drill in two holes to the top
Double loop the twine through
Hang the sign at an angle to your house, display, etc.
I also draped normal outdoor burlap for a spooky curtain effect. 
I hung it at different lengths with twine.
Little string spider web with a guarding henchman
So keep it fun and be safe on your Halloween 
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