A Painted Tight Tutorial from Three Bird Nest

Being so close to Valentines Day we wanted to bring you a heart themed tutorial that was easy and adorable. For as tricky as they look, hand painting heart printed tights for you guys was so simple and something you will have to try!
What You Need:
A pair of tights
Fabric paint
A flat paint brush
Index cards
A large hole punch in any shape you like (these can be found at most craft stores)
1. Lay tights out flat, showing only the area you want to paint, we chose the side seam.
2. Cut index cards in fourths to fit the width of tights.
3. Hole punch each card with design.
4. Layout stencils on the tights in any pattern you like.
5. Adjust stencils so spacing is even.
6. Get about a quarter sized amount of paint out to use to paint over  the stencils. 
7. Begin painting over stencils starting with one on the end, and painting from the edges of the stencil inward to keep edges clean and true to shape. 
8. Lift stencils off straight upward and immediately after finishing painting each stencil to avoid smearing. 
9. Continue painting each stencil until all of the shapes on the exposed side are painted in.
10. Allow an hour to dry on the side you just painted, and then turn over to repeat all steps on the other side. Allow second side to dry for another hour.
Let us know if you try this and how it turns out <3

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