DIY: A Space for Lace Earring Holder Tutorial

We are always adding new pieces to our collection, and have samples hanging around the studio so we  are always looking for places to keep them. We just put together our own adorable way to display earrings and we just had to share with you!

What You Need:
an old picture frame with a hanging fixture on the back
a piece of lace large enough to cover the entire hole of the frame
a glue gun
a pair of scissors

1. Remove backing, matting, and glass from frame.
2. Cut lace down to size so it fits in the space of the frame.
3. Glue around the edges of the inside lip of the frame.
4. Lay out lace to cover the back of the frame.
5. Press lace into edges of frame.
6. Glue down any edges that are not secure.

We hope you try!

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