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Juicing to Healthy: Week 1

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Everyone has a different reason for starting a diet, detox, re-boot, etc. for me it wasn't for weight loss necessarily, but for my health.

I started Three Bird Nest over a year ago and prior to that was managing a boutique and taking care of my family (husband and three kids) so I've kind of been nonstop for years.  All of this translates into stress, loss of sleep and more stress. For me this lead to eating fast-food, processed foods, substituing with quick fixes, not eating, coffee, more coffee, energy drinks, and so on. 

I've suffered for a couple years (or longer) from major intestinal issues. No doctor has been able to figure out what was wrong, just that something was. I'd pass out after eating, get massive stomache aches, and have horrible reactions to food so a lot of the time I opted just not to eat which lead to weight loss and more health issues. It's been a viscous cycle, but honestly I have just been too busy to really do anything about it. So my eating, or lack of, lately hs been taking a toll.

I watched Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead after my hubby said I needed see it, and it was SO eye opening. I decided I'd go cold turkey and become a juicer!!! It was so eye opening to watch how simply geting nutrients ONLY from fresh vegetables and fruits by juicing could change your health. We all know the basics on what to eat/not eat but how often do each of us actually eat what we should? If you're like me, never. I didn't have anything to lose and was tired of feeling like crap and being tired so I decided last Sunday I'd start juicing.

I must say that I believed this was going to be SUPER hard for me. I do not like fresh fruit or vegetables, I'll just be honest I kind of hate them. So to go from eating what I like, to drinking ONLY what I don't I thought for sure it was going to be hell.

Oh yes! I need to note, I am not a doctor, do not pretend to be one nor do I want any of you to take my advice in lieu of seeing a doctor or asking your physician what is right for you. So phew, now that I've cleared the air everything I will write and post are what is working for me, what I have researched and found to work for me, based on the research I have done.

On this little journey I will post my progress and recipes daily to Facebook and Instagram. I'd LOVE to have any of you join me and see what a little juice can do!!

My last week in a whirl. 

I purchased a Jack LaLanne's Power Juicer last Sunday from my local Costco along with about 30 lbs in fresh fruit and vegetables. I started juicing that day. I instantly cut out ALL junk food, caffine, fast food, etc. but during my first detox week I did eat two small salads or fresh & healthy small portioned meals a day (grilled chicken, whole fruits & vegetables, etc). 

I have created my own juice combos so far and have not followed any recipes....yet. 

Common questions so far:

Do I need a juicer or can a blender work?

You need a juicer 

Do you eat meals too or just the juice?  

For my first week I ate raw or clean meals 2x a day along with juice blends 3x a day, but this next week I will go FULL juice detox for the next 10 days and ONLY do the juice.

Was it hard?

YES honestly it was really hard but the reward of actually waking up on day 4 feeling like I had energy...worth it all!! I'll keep you posted on the next week as I expect it to be difficult as well. 

I had a MASSIVE headache on day 2 and took Excedrine to relieve that but that was the only day that I needed any help with the caffeine detox.

How have you felt?

So far I have energy, I am starting to feel the fog lifting, I have not had a stomachache in 3 days (used to have it daily) and I feel just better!


Stay tuned on Facebook and Instagram for daily updates and I'll be posting again Thursday!!


Instagram: @threebirdnest

Any questions about my detox or advice you have leave for me in the comments below :)



  • Heather @ Glitter and Gloss: March 15, 2013

    Alicia, this is awesome! For the last three days I’ve been doing the CAN CAN Cleanse ( and, while it’s been hard (especially the green drinks, gag!) I feel so much better! I’ve always been overweight, but happy – never cared too much about the fact that I was bigger than everyone else. I always had friends and boyfriends and was ok being big. But now I’m a wife and mom. I know the health risks of being overweight, and I’m not ok with it anymore. In September alone I lost my Auntie Linda (who was much more like a second mom than an aunt) and then my Father in Law, both to pancreatic cancer, within two weeks of each other. Just about a month ago my mom was diagnosed with uterine cancer. She had her first (seven hour!) chemotherapy last Friday. I’m not willing to sit idly by and wait to get cancer too. It’s time for me to make a change. Juicing and general healthy eating are all that’s on my agenda now, and I look forward to reading your tips too!

    Anyways, I’m sorry about the long, drawn out comment. I’d love to know where you got all of your fresh produce. Farmer’s Market or elsewhere? (I can’t wait for the Thursday Farmer’s Market to start back up again!) Also, any local, healthy eateries that you’d recommend?


  • Crystal Deitch: March 04, 2013

    Hey Alicia, I’ve also recently seen Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead and was totally motivated by it! My husband and I are going to begin the 10 day reboot on March 16th with a bunch of ppl. I’m so excited for you and your journey. I will be following you throughout your detox for pointers and recipes. I know it’s gotta be so hard but it seems like you have the determination to go all the way :) Wishing you the best and looking forward to your future posts!

    Crystal D.

  • Melissa: March 04, 2013

    I saw wheat grass in your pictures just remember that it looses almost all of its benificial properties before it is frozen. It is best if you just take a shot. I use to work in a juice bar, and it was always crazy to me how awesome it is for you. Good luck on your juicing!!

  • Kerrie Chabot: March 04, 2013

    Thank you for sharing. I own the same juicer, only used it a few times but now motivated again- especially because our local farmer’s market is opening again soon. My questions to you:1) did you go cold turkey on caffeine too or half-calf at first 2) what is best/easiest way to clean the juicer?
    Thanks again, Kerrie

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