Half Up Triangle Bobby Pin Hair DIY

here's a super quick and fun tutorial for a new way to use bobby pins!



what you'll need:

3 bobby pins (we used these fun colorful ones you can buy HERE)



1. start with your hair in your natural part

2. take two 1 inch sections (one on each side)

3. twist the sections and pull to the back middle of your head

4. take one of the three bobby pins and secure the two strands

*TIP make sure this bobby pin is horizontal as it will be the bottom of the triangle

5. take your second bobby pin and angle upwards from the bottom corner of your base bobby pin

6. take your last bobby pin and repeat step 5 on the opposite side

7. since all of the bobby pins are the same size you should have an equal shaped triangle, play around and wiggle the pins until all of the corners are touching without any overlap


let us know if you try out this look + comment below with our DIY tutorials you'd love to see! xo! 

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