let me check my calendar: a paint chip DIY

The best DIYs in life are free and we cannot get enough of paintchip DIYs all over Pinterest. We decided to put together our own paintchip calendar and share the how-to with you! Hope you try!

What You Need:

a hanging picture frame

at least 40 paint sample squares in coordinating colors, these should be at any hardware store (and free!)

a glue gun

a hole punch

a whiteboard marker

a pair of scissors

How To:

1. Remove backing and the frame matting, from frame. Keep the backing to glue paint chips on to. 

2. Cut down paint chips to fit frame backing with enough room to fit the month, days of the week, and numbers.

3. Use hole punch to cut out places for the numbers of each day.

4. Begin to lay out paint chips to mark your month, weekdays, and calendar numbers.

5. Adjust so spacing is even.

6. Glue down paint chips so glue is spread evenly and all edges are secure.

7. Put backing back into place

8. Use your whiteboard marker to write in the month, days of the week, and reminders for the month.


What's your favorite paint chip DIY and what DIYs would you like to see from us? Let us know in the comments below!

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