Triple Low Bun Hair Tutorial

its hard to find cute hair styles for the days where its a bit messy! so we love this one for just that reason!


what you'll need:

-clear elastics (we used 3)

-bobby pins (we used 3)



1. start by sectioning your hair into 3 sections

2. place the middle and one side over your shoulder and out of the way

3. start with one side and being to twist your hair towards your head all the way down the piece

4. use the twisting motion to make a mini bun at the nape of your neck

5. secure with clear elastic

6. take the other two sections and separate them in half

7. take the middle section and place over your shoulder and out of the way

8. like we did on the other side, being the twisting motion towards your head and create a mini bun, secure with elastic

9. take the centerpiece and twist and create a bun. again, secure with an elastic

10. take a bobby pins and secure the buns to the rest of your hair until secure

*TIP: i like to fluff mine up so that they touch and look a little more messy

11. take sections out to frame your face


let us know if you try this tutorial and how you liked it! tell us, also, what other tutorials we should do! xo! 

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