Fishtail Milkmaid Braid Tutorial

we love all of the milkmaid braid tutorials out there and decided to do one of our own, but with a twist! we use fishtail braids in our tutorial!

what you'll need:

-2 clear elastics

-bobby pins



1. start but separating your hair in half

2. fishtail both sides of your hair starting right below your ear

(i will be making a fishtail how-to soon)

3. loosen up and pull apart the braids for a fuller look

TIP* take out a few strands in front to frame your face, this will give it a softer, more romantic look

4. take one braid and wrap it up and over your head

5. use bobby pins to secure the braid

*TIP: don't worry if the bast by your ear is kind of floppy, we will pin that down in the end

6. take the other braid and wrap it up and over.

*TIP: try to cover the elastic from the first braid with the thick part of your second braid

7. secure second braid with bobby pins 

8. tuck in the ends of your braids underneath the other pieces 

9. take bobby pins and pin down any piece that feels loose or is sticking out 


let us know if you try this tutorial! and comment below what other tutorials you'd love to see from us! xo! 

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