Easy Pull Through Braid Tutorial

braids are all the rage right now so we have brought you another style braid! check our tutorial out below :)


What you'll need:

-clear elastic hair ties (i used about 8 but it depends on your hair length)

-cute hair tie for end of braid (you can purchase the one we used here)



1. start by pulling all of your hair to one side

2. separate hair into two even sections; a top and a bottom piece

3. take the top section of hair and about 2 inches from when you want the braid to start secure an elastic

4. above the elastic separate the hair so you create a hole in the hair

5. reach through the hole and grab the bottom section of hair and pull it through

*TIP: i pull the sections of hair apart at this step so make it a fuller & messy braid but this can also bee done at the end or not at all. 

6. now that the bottom section is on top go about 2 inches down on that section of hair and secure another elastic

7. repeat step 5 and continue all the way down your braid

8. finish the braid with a cute hair elastic


Let us know if you try this tutorial + what other tutorials you want to see from us! xo! 

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