Rapunzel Inspired Double Side Braid Tutorial

We love how Rapunzel has a super long and intricate braid, so here is our take on it!


what you'll need:

- clear hair elastic

- cute hair tie (you can ind our fun printed sets here)



1. start by pulling your hair to one side

2. section your hair into three parts like you are going to do a normal three straind braid

3. take the front section and move the back two sections behind you

4. with the front section separate into 2 sections

5. begin a fishtail braid and continue braiding as far down as you can

6. when you get to the end secure the braid with the clear elastic

7. pull out some actions of the braid to make it more full and messy

8. bring the 2 other sections of hair back the front and separate them again

9. use these 3 sections and being a normal 3 strand braid (one of your strands being the fishtail braid you just did)

*TIP i like to pull the fishtail braid first so that it becomes the middle strand in the braid 

10. secure braid with hair tie

11. go through and pull the fishtail pieces out a bit so that they pop

12. pull out some face framing pieces if desired


Let us know if you try this out + what other tutorials we should do in the comments below! xo! 

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