Quick + Easy Braided Half-Up Hair

One of our go to simple hairstyles! super quick and easy!



What You'll Need:

- Clear Hair Elastic (you can buy them HERE

- Texturizing Hair Spray (we used Chi Brand Texturizing Spray)



1. start with your hair parted naturally

2. create a deep side part on one side

3. take the top section of hair and flip over to opposite side

4. take a section of hair and begin a normal 3-strand braid

5. secure braid with clear elastic 

6. flip section of hair back over 

7. pick up a section of hair on the opposite side (similar to the section already created)

8. secure both pieces in back with another clear elastic

9. spray hair with texturizing spray and scrunch


Let us know if you try out this look + what other DIYS you'd like us to try! xo! 


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