Photo Shoot Ready, Contouring Make Up DIY

We get TONS of requests for what makeup we use in our photos so we decided to show you HOW and WHAT we use to get that look!


what you'll need:


-matte bronzer 

-cream highlight 

-foundation brush

-blush brush

-small eyeshadow brush

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1. start with cream foundation on a foundation brush and apply all over face and down neck to blend

2. Apply Bronzer right under cheek bones, at the temples of forehead and along the jawline with a blush brush

3. apply bronzer down the sides of your nose as well as a defined line under cheekbone with a smaller eyeshadow brush 

4. with cream concealer/highlight apply triangles under eyes, a line down the center of the nose, a spot in the center of the chin, at the dip of the upper lip, a starburst pattern in the center of the forehead, and underneath the bronzer line on the cheeks 

5. start to blend out the concealer with fingers to start

6. take the same brush used for the foundation and go over areas to soften the lines 

7. go back with powder bronzer and dust cheeks and tip of nose for the finished sun kissed glow 


Let us know what other hair + beauty tutorials you'd love to see! xo!


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