Messy Crown Braid Hair Tutorial DIY

here is how we get the romantic side crown braid look! 


what you'll need:

-bobby pins



1. start by parting your hair down the center ( or wherever you want you two braids to lay)

2. section off a chunk of hair as close to the part and your scalp as you can get

3. start doing a reverse braid dutch braid 

*TIP: a reverse braid (or dutch braid) is just a  normal braid but  instead of pulling each braid section on top of each other you pull the hair under each section

4. continue the braid down the length of your hair

5. hold the braid at the end and start to pull the pieces of the braid apart

*TIP: i pull different section out more than others so the look isn't too uniform. Also, don't worry about pulling too much or too little as this look is supposed to be soft and romantic 

6. pull braid across the side of your hair and pin the back with a bobby pin (or 2) until it feels secure

7. repeat steps 2 through 6 on the other side 


Let us know if you try this look + let us know what other styles you want to see tutorials on! xo! 

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