Turband Headband with Mess Bun Hair Tutorial

Here is just one way we style our twist turband headband, with a messy bun!


what you'll need:

-twist turband headband (we are using our two-tone style that you can find here)

-comb (for teasing hair)

-hair elastic 



1. start by pulling on the headband and letting it sit at your neck

2. pull your hair out from under the headband so that it is laying on top

3. with the comb, begin to backcomb your hair. be sure to only test from about the ears down as we will need to pull the hair into a ponytail 

*TIP: the bigger your tease the bigger and messier the bun will be (we love them SUPER messy)

4. after you back comb, start to pull you hair up into a high pony (the higher the ponytail the higher your bun will be)

5. wrap the lactic around your hair one and when you are wrapping it the second time stop when you have pulled about 1/2 of the hair through ( this should create the bun look and you should have your extra ponytail pieced hanging down in the back)

6. pull the bun apart until you have it at the desired size

7. tuck the extra pieced having down in the back into the elastic (this will create the double bun look in the back)

8. with your comb, go back through your bun and teas any pieces that may be flat

9. pull your headband up onto your head at the hairline

*TIP: i like to keep mine over my ears, but you can tuck it behind as well

10. once you have the headband comfortably on your head you can separate the band to the thickness you like by pulling it apart

11. Finish by pulling out pieces of hair by your ears and temples to frame your face for a softer look


let us know if you try this tutorial + what other beauty and hair tutorials you'd love to see from us! xo! 


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