Twisted Elsa Inspired Side Braid Tutorial

here's our take on our favorite snow princess's iconic braid! its super easy too!

what you'll need:

- a hair tie for the end of your braid


1. start by parting your hair to one size

2. if you have bangs take your bangs and separate them into 2 chunks. do the same if you don't have bangs with the hair at the base of your part

3. begin to twist the pieces around eachother

*TIP: of rthe front pieces by my forehead i like to grab a little extra hair into the piceses to make the look fuller

4. consitue to twist the pieces until you are at the end of your hair

5. hold this section off to the side (you can either secure it with a hair tie, or bobby pin, or hold it in your mouth like i did)

6. pull the rest of your hair to the side and separate into 3 sections like a normal braid

7. take the twisted strand and incorporate it into the middle section of your brid

8. continue to braid your hair all the way down and secure with an elastic

9. go back in a pull the pieces of your twist and braid to give it a fuller, messier, look.

let us know below if you try this out + what other tutorials you'd love to see from us! xo!

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