Messy Bun Top Knot Tutorial

Here's a look at how we do our signature messy top knot!


what you'll need:

elastic ponytail hair ties 

goody bobby pins

hair comb detangler



1. start by teasing the front section of your hair around your face

2. comb through this hair with your fingers to get rid of huge lumps

*TIP: we don't want this part to look smooth so some bumps are okay

3. pull hair into ponytail on top of your head

*TIP: this is where your bun will end up so make it as high or low on your head as you'd like

4. pull out pieces around your face and make sure the front part of your hair is how you want it to look

5. rat ponytail from the ends to the base

6. repeat on other side of ponytail

7. take ponytail and twist the hair towards you

*TIP: the tighter you twist the neater and smaller your bun. we like to keep ours BIG and messy

8. after twisting, wrap the ponytail around the base

9. pin halfway through to make sure its secure

10. finish wrapping around and tuck ends into ponytail holder

*TIP: if your hair isn't long enough yo tuck all the way back in, just use additional bobby pins to secure your bun

11. tuck in fly away trends and mess up any part that looks too neat


let us know if you try this look in the comments below + tell us what other DIYs you'd love to see <3 

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