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Easy Photo shoot Beachy Waves Hair Tutorial

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ever wonder how we get those be achy waves in our photos? well its your lucky day! 


all you'll need:

-straightening iron

-hair spray



1. start with air dried hair (this helps to give it more natural body)

2. starting in the front of your hair (i have some long bangs here) start with the iron horizontal against the base of your hair

3. rotate your wrist so that you lop your hair around the iron 

4. pull the iron don the length of your hair 

***TIP: the more times your twist the iron the more curly your hair will be

5. repeat steps around the rest of your head picking piece at random 

***TIP: i like my hair to have a natural, be achy feel, so i don't curl all the pieces the same direction 

6. grab thicker chunks of hair at the bottom and curl the ends for a very soft look at the bottom

7. fluff your hair to break some pieces up

8. spray with hairspray to make it last


Let us know if you try out this tutorial + other tutorials you'd love to see from us in the comment below! xo! 


  • Angel Slavik : April 16, 2015

    Can I just have your hair instead?! ?

  • Tiffany: April 15, 2015


  • E: April 15, 2015

    Thank you~ What brand is the straightener? Next video… make-up tutorial with details. hint hint ;)

  • Laureen : April 14, 2015

    thanks for sharing pretty lady ?

  • Gumbo: April 14, 2015

    What texture is your hair once dried naturally? What type & length extensions do you have in? Also, what heat setting do you find works best for this type of curl/look? Thanks for the video & tutorial. Would love to see more on how you determine placement of headbands. I own quite a few of your products & have struggled with wear due to not being comfortable with placement. I’m always unsure due to different face shapes, hair length, etc. You seem to have the perfect shape face to pull the look off just right ;))

  • Jamie B. : April 14, 2015

    What straightener do you use?

  • Amy Pierce: April 13, 2015

    thank you sooo much for sharing this. Do you have extentions and what brand is your straightener?

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