The Easiest 2-Minute Braid Hair DIY Tutorial

The EASIEST 2 minute hair tutorial! 

all you will need:
-about 5 clear hair elastics (depending on hair length)

1. start by pulling all of your hair to one side

2. take clear elastic and make a low ponytail

3. above the elastic separate hair into two and create a hole

4. invert the ponytail through the hole and pull through. you should have now created your first "twisted" piece

5. about an inch or so down (depending on hair length) secure another elastic and repeat steps 3 and 4

6. do as many mini inverted ponytails as your hair allows

7. pull apart and mess up each section; pull out some pieces to frame face if desired

8. finish off with a Three Bird Nest hair elastic or Headband to add a more fun look! 

we suggest the Peach Crystal Hair Tie or our Gypsy Fire Flower Crown 

Let us know below if you try out this tutorial and what other tutorials you'd love to see from us! <3

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