Diablo Magazine Meets Three Bird Nest

Alicia Shaffer: Three Bird Nest

The boutique Owner talks leather, celebrity inspiration, and tequila.



Four years ago, Alicia Shaffer started making and selling headbands out of a Pleasanton boutique. Shortly thereafter, the Livermore mom created her business, Three Bird Nest—an Etsy shop named for her tattoo of three birds in a nest that represents her three kids. Now, not only is Shaffer one of the top sellers on Etsy, but her girly items are also sold in several East Bay boutiques, and her online shop stocks everything from colorful lace headbands to oversized infinity scarves to sequined clutches, all perfect for the free-spirited working woman.

1. Personal Style

Layers, including necklaces or lace slips. “I love little details, even on a basic headband—something that makes it unique.”


2. Hippie Chic

“My mom was a hippie when I was growing up, so it was a lot of bell-bottoms and wedge boots. I really loved Cher. She had the long hair and the bell-bottoms.”


3. Leather Lady

“Growing up, my uncle taught me how to work with leather, so that’s what I know. I love the smell, the feel of it.”


4. Wrist Candy

“I’ll wear bracelets with everything. My kids know when I’m at their school because they can hear my clanking.”


5. Spring Essential

A sleeveless or lightweight duster shirt. “The duster is like four new outfits.”


6. Local Haunt

“Casa Orozco: It’s fast, the waitstaff is fantastic, and they have a secret mango-and-pineapple–infused tequila that’s not on the menu.”


7. Travel Essential

Mascara or lip gloss. “Always have one beauty essential.”


8. On Her Wish List

“The perfect denim cutoff shorts, with that thrashed but fit look.”  

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