Easter Tote DIY You Will Totes Try!

We love lots about Easter. From fun frocks to Pinterest projects, we are all about finding new ways to bring the 3BN out of Easter. Today we are bringing you an tote-ally adorable tutorial from Brit + Co for a new way to carry your easter goodies, rather than a boring basket. 

What You Need:

  • two types of fabric
  • HeatBond
  • faux leather
  • sewing machine
  • fabric scissors
  • pins
  • measuring tape

What You Do:

1. Fold your fabric in half horizontally

2. Measure and cut your fabric to 16 x 13 inches.

3. Place your fabric on top of the liner and cut out a second rectangle with the same dimensions.

4. Cut out a piece of faux leather to is 8 x 13 inches, and then cut a piece of HeatBond that is the same size.

5. Iron the HeatBond onto the faux leather, peel off the paper, and then iron your fabric onto the other side.

6. Place the liner on the bag, then fold over the top twice (each fold is about a half inch) and hem.

7. Fold the bag inside out so that the liner is facing out and sew along the edges. Then flip the bag inside out.

8. For the strap, cut a piece of fabric 21 x 3 inches and fold it in half lengthwise with the back of the fabric facing out.

9. Stitch the length of the strap, turn it inside out and then iron it flat.

10. Pin the strap to the inside of the bag and then sew a square to secure it. Repeat this on the other side.

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Tutorial and Photos supplied by Brit + Co

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