How to Make a Gem Stone Jewelry Holder DIY

In our opinion what you store your jewelry in should be just as cute as what goes inside it. We love doubling cute bowls and dishes as jewelry holders but if you are looking for a little DIY alternative we have something in mind. Today we are bringing you a marbled jewelry valet tutorial from Brit + Co we know you will want to try for yourself. 

What you Need

2 different colors of clay


A butter knife

What you Do

1. Break off a piece of each color clay and twist together to create a spiraled effect. 

2. Twist until clay is evenly marbled and then flatten into a circle about 3 inches wide

3. Flatten another circle of clay in the color of your choice to layer under the first circle. 

4. trim the edges to make the sides even

5. Pinch the edges upward to form a dish shape

6. Place on a cookie sheet and bake at 275 degrees for 20 minutes

7. When dish has cooled, paint the edge of the tray with the paint color of your choice. 

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