Update a Room in a Weekend with Peel and Stick Wallpaper

How to Update a Room in a Weekend

If your decor is looking a little dull but a complete home overhaul is out of the question, why not turn your focus to one room in particular? A few small updates here and there are all you need to fall in love with your home decor again, which is why we've put together a handful of tips to help you transform any room in the space of a weekend — and just about all of them can be achieved with a few rolls of self-adhesive wallpaper.

Wallpaper Your Way to a Contemporary Space


When you only have a small timeframe to work with, a complete room transformation may be a little unrealistic. But making a few key updates can change the entire dynamic of a room in an instant! For a quick makeover, homeowners often gravitate toward a fresh coat of paint, but thanks to Paste the Wall Wallpaper, changing the look of a room is much quicker and easier — ideal when time is of the essence. This clever range of peel and stick wallpaper is also incredibly easy to remove, making it simple to update your room whenever you please. I recently updated the bathroom in our barn with stick on wallpaper and it did wonders!

Try a Feature Wall  


One of the quickest ways you can change up your home decor is to incorporate a feature wall. Feature walls look just as striking as an all-over wallpapered room, but with the added benefit of saving more time. The Trippy Charcoal wallpaper in our home is a fantastic option for a statement feature wall because of how it can update a traditional room for a more contemporary feel. When a quick style refresh is needed, neutral peel and stick wallpaper designs like the Innocence Mushroom pattern can give a room a cool, modern feel. Fancy a floral theme? Poppy Red wallpaper is a dreamy option.

Reflect the Latest Decor Trends with a Display

If you want to get your creative juices flowing, why not create a cluster of accessories to breathe new life into an old coffee table or dresser? Use different color themes and textures to update your room with the latest trends without breaking the bank.

A metallic tray is always a great place to start. From there, you can populate it with objects reflective of your personal style. Want to try an on-trend tribal theme? Use candles, vases and ornaments in brown, black and neutral tones. You can also stick on wallpaper to give your tabletop or dresser drawers an extra pop of interest.

Explore a New Theme with Wall Art and Canvases


Whatever theme you wish to incorporate into your updated room design, a striking piece (or two or three) of wall art can bring your vision to life, especially against great peel and stick wallpaper. In our home, we created a woodland theme using a watercolor printed canvas and a beautiful piece of stag print wall art.  

Along with Your Home, Update Your Personal Style with Three Bird Nest

With things like self-adhesive wallpaper, updating your home doesn't have to be time consuming — and neither does updating your wardrobe. Follow our tips and check out all our gorgeous Bohemian clothing to transform the look of your home and your reflection in a single weekend! 

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