How To Dress For Your Body Shape

You want to look great and need to know the best styles that fit your body type? First let's find out what your body type is.

This post is our first in a series of how to shop by body type. We will identify the different body types, show what styles are flattering on you and offer you outfits from Three Bird Nest that will flatter, shape and stun everyone with your amazing style. 



Although we may not have a personal style team keeping us glamorously in check 24/7, a little knowledge of our body type and how to dress accordingly will go a long way!


Find tops and cardigans that will show off your slender upper body while creating a fuller illusion at the right places to achieve that balance with the larger hips.

  • Large V or U-necks. Let us help and knot in the corner for a little edge.
  • Large Scale Patterns, Stripes + Florals
  • Big lapels
  • Lace or detail on shoulders, open shoulder shirts.
  • Cropped tops that hit at the waist
  • Oversize shapeless tops without knotting an edge for a slimmed silhouette 

Focus on pants and skirts that minimize your lower half either by slimming or elongation. Darker colours and clean, straight lines are ideal. 

  • Wide-leg or straight-leg pants and jeans
  • A-line maxi skirts that are fitted at the hips
  • Darker colours
  • Pencil skirts which cling at the hips
  • Capri-style length pants

Almost any heel is an asset to lengthen your figure by reducing the difference between your hips and shoulders.

  • Heels to lengthen your figure
  • Peep-toe shoes or booties
  • Boots or gladiator sandals that cut off just under the knee
  • Extremely high stilletto heels
  • Pointy flats

Overall, remember what you set out to achieve and balance the slimmer top with the broader hips by visually enhancing the volume and curves of the upper half with the use of different styles, materials and colour while reducing the lower half by tweaking the same details.

With these women's fashion tips to help you dress fab while getting the most out of your natural shape, go out there and strut your stuff to the world — you never know what's waiting!

pear shaped body style

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