What Is My Body Shape Answered

We're all beautiful and born with our own unique shapes. With so many styles of clothing, cuts and options its a little overwhelming to know what looks best on our bodies. Let's first figure out what our body shape IS. Once you know your body shape outfitting it will be a lot easier! 
Styled for body shapes

APPLE SHAPE                                                             

The main traits of an apple shaped body are:
1. Large Bust.
2. Broad Shoulders.
3. Narrow Hips
4. Less Defined Waist

When Apples gain weight, they tend to gain in the midsection; they usually grow thick around the middle (tummy region) down to the thighs. Not all apples are curvy and overweight but generally, all have larger upper body and wider shoulder.


The main traits of a Pear shaped body are:
- Defined Waist
- Wide hips and thighs
- Narrow shoulders
- Small bust

Pear shapes usually gain weight in the bum or thighs. Many pear shapes have hips that are wider than their shoulders. Some also have short, full legs, but slender arms.              


The main traits of an Hour glass shaped body are:
- Bust and hips nearly the same size.
- Well defined waist - 9" or more smaller than bust.
- Medium to large bust

The hourglass body shape is characterized by a curvy bust and hips with a slim waist, it is often thought of as the ideal female body shape, it is probably the most envied of all body shapes



The main traits of an Inverted Triangle shaped body are:
- Broad shoulders
- Big bust
- Narrow hips 
The inverted triangle shape gains weight around the shoulders and bust. These women have a full upper body with broad shoulders and a large bust. The waist is flat and the hips are narrower than the bust and shoulders.


The main traits of a Rectangular/Banana shaped body are:
- Shoulders are as wide as the hips
- Undefined waist as wide or slightly smaller than the hips.
- Small to medium bust.
- May have long legs and flat bottom.
Two body types that fall under the rectangular shaped body:


- Very slim
- Few curves

Despite the fact that other women envy this figure, a slender body shaped woman might feel very boyish at times due to her few curves.



- Broad shoulders
- Strong sporty body
- Few curves 
- Shoulder and hips of the same width
- Slight (undefined) waist
- Small bust

The great advantage of an athletic shape is you can wear pretty much anything. Although, a lot of women with this body shape feel unfeminine and find it difficult to find clothes that suit their shape.



A petite body shape doesn't just mean 'short'; it can also mean that you have a small body frame.
The word “petite” refers majorly to the smaller height of a person, usually 5'4"or under, and NOT the weight. Petite women come in all shapes and sizes


So what's tall? If you're five foot 10 (1m 78cm), you're there. Tall women can have any type of body shape.
images from miss purple heart blog. owner, unknown.
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