Messy Top Bun Tutorial from Three Bird Nest

Looking For A Messy Top Bun Hair Tutorial? Who better to make one for you than the best headband makers in the world, Three Bird Nest!
You've asked and we are ready to answer the question, how do I wear my 3BN headband? Hair up or down you can't go wrong, but a fan favorite since the beginning has been a top knot. So this tutorial is for those 3BN fanatics going for a top knotch top knot that is simple but so adorable. 
What You Need:
Small clear hair ties
Hair spray
Bobby pins
Your favorite 3BN headband or hair bow!
1. This bun is best the day after curls or when you have 1-2 day old dirty hair. The more wave in your hair means more volume and a bigger bun, so start off with slightly messy tresses.

2. Pull your hair into a high ponytail, don't worry too much about bumps, slightly messy works better.

3. Begin to twist your hair with both hands until your ponytail becomes taut and begins to coil.

4. Twist coiled hair around to form a bun and secure with a small clear hair elastic.

5. Pull at bun to make it larger and pin down any stray pieces.

6. Slip on your favorite headband and spray to keep in place.

7. Do a last look and adjust till its just the way you want it.

You can find the headband used for this tutorial at

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