"Cute-Icles" DIY

A gel manicure is amazing but having to have it touched up in a week is not. What good is not chipping, when your freshly painted nails are going to grow out anyway. Here is a way to bring life back to an old manicure without having to put on an entirely fresh coat of paint.
What You Need:
A chrome or sparkly nail polish to offset your current color
At least ten bandaids cut in half
A nail polish which is a close match to your current color
1. Begin by using your current nail polish color to fix any chips or the reseal the tips of your nails. 
2. Place Band-Aids right above where you nail polish has grown out so only the grown out area is exposed and press down firmly
3. Begin to paint over the exposed area starting on the edges and painting towards the base of your nail to keep the lines clean.
4. Repeat steps 2 & 3 for each nail one at a time.
5. After allowing your nails time to dry, carefully remove band-aids and use your first color to fix any edges.
We love this look! Do you have any quick fixes to keeping an old manicure cute?

Name It & Claim It Contest Winner 2/13/2013
A Stitch In Time - Megan Ray

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