picture perfect: a painted glass tutorial

This week we wanted to bring you a DIY which could bring the best out of something boring. A little paint and a cute quote made an old map marvelous. We hope you try!

What You Need
tape for masking the edges of the frame
stick on letters (available at most craft stores)
an old framed painting or map, be sure it is mounted under glass
acrylic paint
a large paintbrush

1. Make sure glass is clean and free of dust, then begin ot adhere letters to glass.
2. Use tape to mask around the edges of the frame.
3. Begin by painting over the letter working from the inside to the outside to keeps the edges clean, keep the coat of paint thin.
4. Paint should quickly become dry, so peel up letters immediatly following painting the full pane of glass.
5. Remove tape from edges of frame.


What words would put on your painting?


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