About Us

Like all things we love, Three Bird Nest was born from a whim, nurtured by passion, and grew from the unexpected, unpredictable twists that life has gifted us along the way.

In November 2011, we started out as a one-woman shop in Livermore, CA when Alicia Shaffer discovered a love for making bohemian-inspired headbands and accessories. The amazing thing about sharing your creations with others is you connect with fellow kindred spirits. You see the things that bring you warmth and smiles reflected in the glow of others who are thrilled to have found a shop that gets them.

Our love of all things beautiful starts with family and by shopping Three Bird Nest you are joining ours. We hope to redefine what “shopping” means to you by offering you a unique assortment of beautiful fashionable clothing and delivering unparalleled quality at affordable prices.
Our greatest inspiration is listening to what you love. Our clothing collections are curated from all over the world, designed to complement our accessories.
Our style is a bit like a river carving its way through the earth; even when we touch upon a trend, we carry it somewhere new. We create for the woman that’ll make our styles her own. For the woman who wants to make a statement without saying a word. For all the layers of you.

Alicia Shaffer


Our mission is to inspire creativity in every customer. We're changing the shopping experience. With our assistance {if you so choose} you will be able to create outfits and complete looks that you love! Our professional stylists will empower you with the knowledge on how to style and purchase clothing and accessories that compliment your personal style.We deliver quality, curated fashionable apparel, jewelry and accessories online to customers worldwide. We will deliver a fulfilling shopping experience to you, our customer, every time. 


We strongly believe in contributing to our community, and the world we live in. From packaging to the product to production every aspect of our company is managed and set up to minimize waste and increase positive engagement with the communities that we serve. 


First and foremost, we have a history of delivering boho fashionable clothing and accessories to our customers. We have been operating our bohemian online boutique since 2011 and pride ourselves in offering you quality clothing, jewelry, and accessories. A U.S.-based company located in Livermore, CA, that ships out of Texas. Family owned and operated Three Bird Nest is dedicated to delivering you creative, curated and amazing clothing. We have one of a kind handmade items, designed items that we manufacture in the U.S., Mexico, and India. We also source from several brands that manufacture around the world. Ethical, quality and affordable fashion are what you will find from us. Let us know at any time how we can assist you in your fashion needs.