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Stylish Valentine's Day Gifts By Momtrepreneurs
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While doing the "Saturday shuffle" with my kids this weekend -- when you do five errands in roughly 15 minutes -- I ran into several mommy friends, and we started chatting about Valentine's Day.

"I love Valentine's!" I chimed. "It's family fun day and we go ice skating or to the movies and then do a craft."

"I hate it, I always have," a mother of three replied, flatly. "I was single for far too long. It's one of my least favorite holidays."

What she said both struck me and stuck with me. Isn't there a way to turn V-day around? With this year's unofficial Galentine's Day on Friday, February 13, when single girlfriends across America get to go out and have fun and celebrate, it feels there should be room for everyone, even those perhaps previously burned by the holiday to heal some wounds and find some fun -- with or without dark chocolate.

This year for a mini-round up, here are some gifts created by momtrepreneurs or mother-owned businesses, because what better way to gift yourself or others than by giving back to hard-working mamas?

Spring Bouquet Scarf

boh chic scarf for women