Three Bird Nest Featured in the Crafts Report

Have you ever wondered how the huge Etsy shops got their start? Were they just lucky to fall into explosive sales, or did their success require years of work perfecting and promoting their product line? In this issue, we give you a look into Etsy juggernaut Three Bird Nest. Learn how owner Alicia Shaffer's energetic drive has made them the #2 grossing handmade Etsy shop in the world!

Admit it—you'd rather hide behind your cell phone screen at an art show, rather than put on your sales hat and try to give the perfect "pitch." We've all heard dozens of sales techniques that are supposed to be easy and effective. But are they fun? New contributor Kindra Hall has the answer in these pages.

Making a living selling handmade is hard. Really hard. Industry expert Kelly Rand forces you to take a close, hard look on if you have the chops to make it work. Don't miss her article on page 26.

What are you waiting for? Click here and dive into the January issue (oh, and of course don't miss my letter on page 6)!

Make today great!

Travis Manney
Publisher and Editor


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