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Unwind-Lavender Grow Kit, Sleep Mask, Pillow Spray, Soy-Blend Candle

Create a serene and soothing resting place with these sleep essentials. This curated collection of garden-inspired aromatherapy tools, paired with a soft sleep mask, will have you catching zzz’s in no time.

Lavender Bamboo Grow Kit: comes equipped with a complete passive hydroponic system, plus non-GMO lavender seeds.

Sleep Mask: this super soft, 100% cotton eye mask provides full coverage with a snug, no-slip fit.

Pillow Spray: mist your linens and freshen your room with the calming aroma of essential oils derived from lavender, citrus, cedar wood and a touch of ylang ylang.

Soy-Blend Candle: infused with a dreamy combination of orange blossoms, lavender and cedar wood, this candle sets the tone for relaxing before slumber.

More Details:
Lavender Grow Kit
3 7/8” x 4 ¾”” 
Bamboo pot, non-GMO lavender seeds, coconut pith and perlite growing medium, plastic tray, wick, activated carbon, plant food, instruction manual. 
Made in the USA of domestic and imported components.

Pillow Spray
4oz / 59ml
Distilled water, perfumers alcohol, fragrance oil.  Made with 100% natural ingredients that are biodegradable, vegan and cruelty free.
Made in the USA.

Soy-Blend Candle
6.8zo / 201ml
Featuring a combination of orange blossom, lavender and cedar wood essential oils and crafted with unbleached cotton muslin, soy (vegetable oil), purified paraffin wax. 
Made in Vietnam. 

Sleep Mask
7 ¼” x 3 ½” 
100% cotton eye 

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