DIY Shibori Scarf Kit

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Color: DIY Shibori Scarf Kit


Make your own beautiful Shibori Silk Scraf with this easy to follow, simple DIY kit. This item makes a great gift for all the crafty, boho girlfriends in your life or a fun project for you to try at home.

silk scarf, silk dye, dye fixer, wood chips, rubber bands, wood sticks, instructions, clothespins, vinyl gloves

DIY shibori scarf kit
Make your own blue shibori scarf (tie dyed Japanese technique)

Kit includes:
1. One 14" x 72" Silk scarf (white)
2. Blue silk dye
3. Dye Fixative
4. Spoon
5. Circle or Oval or Star wood chips (to create different patterns)
6. Wood sticks, 4 small, one large to stir
7. Rubber bands
8. Vinyl gloves
9. Clothespins
10. Instructions

You'll need:
1. Iron
2. Small cup to dissolve the dye
3. A container at least 10"x8"x 6" deep
4. Hot water
5. Cold water

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