Why Three Bird Nest Left Etsy, The Real Story.

Etsy success story Three Bird Nest announced its decision to depart from the Etsy Marketplace, effective immediately. The decision was made by Three Bird Nest in 2015 to leave Etsy in order to better focus on their customers through their own boutique website & wholesale channels. 

Three Bird Nest’s Etsy shop-front offered consumers hundreds of handcrafted boho accessories ranging from turband head wraps to leather bracelets. The launch of their own online web store in 2013 expanded Three Bird Nest selections to clothing, jewelry and shoes, offering a fully developed line of bohemian-inspired apparel.

Since 2011 Three Bird Nest’s Etsy shop was one of the fastest growing shops on Etsy and brought in an average of $60,000 USD a month in sales to the shop. Alicia Shaffer, founder of Three Bird Nest, is a mom to three young children and operates the family run business with her husband and dedicated team. They attribute this success to being dedicated to customer service, consistent branding, and offering unique products.

The decision wasn’t made lightly and took the company over a year to make. “WE as sellers are Etsy’s customers. Being a customer should mean something to them [Etsy], especially being one of their top customers.” Shaffer continued. Three bird nest was NOT kicked off, they made the decision to leave. Soon thereafter Etsy tried to backpedal and say they removed the shop; which is a fabrication of the truth.

Three Bird Nest is excited about the next chapter in their business adventure taking control of their fulfillment, products and customer service.

Three Bird Nest’s complete bohemian fashion line-up, including their handmade items, are available for purchase as well as wholesale online at www.threebirdnest.com 24/7.

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Three Bird Nest Leaves Etsy on Their Own Accord


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