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Why Three Bird Nest Left Etsy, The Real Story.

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Etsy success story Three Bird Nest announced its decision to depart from the Etsy Marketplace, effective immediately. The decision was made by Three Bird Nest in 2015 to leave Etsy in order to better focus on their customers through their own boutique website & wholesale channels. 

Three Bird Nest’s Etsy shop-front offered consumers hundreds of handcrafted boho accessories ranging from turband head wraps to leather bracelets. The launch of their own online web store in 2013 expanded Three Bird Nest selections to clothing, jewelry and shoes, offering a fully developed line of bohemian-inspired apparel.

Since 2011 Three Bird Nest’s Etsy shop was one of the fastest growing shops on Etsy and brought in an average of $60,000 USD a month in sales to the shop. Alicia Shaffer, founder of Three Bird Nest, is a mom to three young children and operates the family run business with her husband and dedicated team. They attribute this success to being dedicated to customer service, consistent branding, and offering unique products.

The decision wasn’t made lightly and took the company over a year to make. “WE as sellers are Etsy’s customers. Being a customer should mean something to them [Etsy], especially being one of their top customers.” Shaffer continued. Three bird nest was NOT kicked off, they made the decision to leave. Soon thereafter Etsy tried to backpedal and say they removed the shop; which is a fabrication of the truth.

Three Bird Nest is excited about the next chapter in their business adventure taking control of their fulfillment, products and customer service.

Three Bird Nest’s complete bohemian fashion line-up, including their handmade items, are available for purchase as well as wholesale online at 24/7.

Three Bird Nest Leaves Etsy on Their Own Accord



  • Mary Borgognone: July 15, 2017

    This is one of the best stores around Dublin. Beautiful clothing and accessories at such reasonable prices. And I have to say the lovely owner and Emma are just heavenly. The clothing items are extremely forgiving when you have a bit of a belly (I’m a bit over 50). They show you pieces you wouldn’t even glance at twice sometimes, take their advice and but put them on and you will be in the dressing room mirror with your mouth hanging open. It’s nearly impossible to choose just a few. I will be back every couple of weeks.???

  • Cristina Arriola@handmadewithart: August 06, 2016

    I am a former custome designer now metalsmither jewelry and accesory designer also an artist.
    Go to my facebook page
    Casaarrioladesigns.After working really hard on my store and being an active member of etsy creating groups treasuries i decided to open my 2 store from my 2 home in miami and etsy suddenly close my store they never comunicated w me personally only in s robotic way…took all my clients …dedtroyed my life for a while and nobody cared!! Now i am working all over again selling w instagram casa_arriola and etsy promoters are always congratulating my work but they really DO NOT CARE ABOUT THEIR SELLERS .I really think is a dangerous unfair marketplace be careful artisans is not your store at all is a Nazi system…very very dissappointing experience they destroyef people finances one day suddenly they have TERRIBLE CUSTOMER..US..CARE….they are a horrible coorporation without humanity

  • Charlene: June 05, 2016

    I am also a shop owner on Etsy…. *tears. I can’t wait to add a story like this to my webpage! I am planning on leaving Etsy withing the next few months!! They do not value their sellers =(

  • Ali: May 07, 2016

    I remember you. I have been on Etsy since 2006 with several successful shops. They do not value the sellers or buyers. Sadly it is all about money and playing favorites. I have been harassed by a group of sellers and they are aware, but will not support me in an effort to stop them, and it has followed me to my websites and social media. I had to close my successful shops and will start over with my own website. Scared to death, never made as much as you…but reading this lets me know that if you have passion it can happen. Congratulations!!!

  • chris: October 20, 2015

    I’m sad for you. You brought alot of people in I’m sure. Your items gave me inspiration to create my own handmade items, although not as successful as you have been. You inspire me to keep trying!

  • chuck howard: October 19, 2015

    etsy;s loss. 3bn is most appealing in merchandise and attitude.

  • Susan Swindle: October 11, 2015

    You are a good example for the up and coming females. There’s a lot of work still. Nothing impossible. My last job I was the only female, and I found out I made not even close to the men. It’s still out there. I’m 58 so you know I’ve seen a lot of change. God Bless you and Congratulations on your success.

  • Laura: September 25, 2015

    Our shop is also a top seller (with a very different product line than threebirdnest) and we have been working toward leaving as well. Etsy is chock full of reasons not to stay unfortunately their customer base makes it hard to leave. Between other shop owners turning you in for “copyright” when the design looks nothing like theirs(just to put your shop on hold for two weeks during holidays) to customers trying to blackmail shop owners through etsy’s bull feedback system, to etsy’s support for shop owners being non existent. We’ve managed to stay afloat for 4 years now but I wonder how much longer I have before the stress of making our sales there gives me a heart attack. Etsy sucks.

  • KIM: September 16, 2015

    So sorry you were made to look bad when all you were doing was running your business like any saavy business person would. I think people just wanted to try and take you down becuase you were successful. For that, I am so sorry. I hope this website finds you succesful and happy. Take care and go onward!

  • wendy L: September 09, 2015

    There has been a lot of negativity through the Facebook Group pages and you know… Good for you! It’s awesome what you have turned your shop into! I found your site not to long ago and I love it! My style is beach boho and I too make handmade boho chic jewelry as a part time thing. I hope one day I too can move onto my own platform and not depend solely on Etsy.

  • Sherri: August 29, 2015

    Hi! I just want to congratulate you and Three Bird Nest. Regardless of what is said, you are where you want to, need to and should be…..on your own terf.

    I began on Etsy too and what I’ve learned this year alone is that Etsy is not the market place for my business. I know the value of my body care products and it’s buyers don’t shop on Etsy. I’m not talking down on Etsy but I am talking up those who pull up their panties and make the move forward.

    Congratulations again. I will be following you and in the future buying as well.


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