Three Bird Nest Easy Messy Bun Beanie Tutorial

Heres a step by step guide on how to get the perfect bohemian messy bun with Three Bird Nest's new Messy Bun Beanies! Shop the beanie HERE! Watch our video tutorial as well, and made sure to subscribe to our YouTube Channel (HERE) for more tutorials! 
Insert your hand through the top of the Messy Bun Beanie about halfway. This will act as the hair elastic to get your hair through the top of the beanie. 
Gather your hair into a ponytail like you normally would. Dont worry about the crown of your hair being perfect, because it will be hidden by the beanie. 
Start by using the elastic hole of the beanie as a "hair tie" and pull your hair through the opening. 
Finish pulling your hair through, so that all of it is out of the hole and the top of the beanie is flat to your head. 
Pull the beanie down onto your forehead and adjust so that it is comfortable and placed how you would like. 
Take a hair elastic and begin wrapping the ponytail into a messy bun. 
Tip: We pull our hair halfway through the elastic, then wrap the remains hair fully around for a truly messy look. 
If youd like the look a little more care-free pull some face framing pieces out and Ta-Da! You have the cutest messy bun beanie hairstyle!  
Let us know what other tutorials and blogs you'd like to see! xo!
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