Three Bird Nest Celebrates FIVE YEARS of Success


My little dream to have a business to inspire others that allowed me to have a creative outlet, Three Bird Nest, opened on Etsy 5 years ago today. It's quite a serendipitous celebration as today we also open our first brick and mortar store in Persimmon Place, Dublin, CA

Persimmon Place Three Bird Nest Boutique

The journey has not been an easy one, and has lead me on a personal growth journey I never knew would take place. It has allowed me to reflect on life, my goals aside from the brand and has allowed my children to be part of a business and see the success and failures that come along with risk and doing what you love. It has allowed my husband and I to work together, in both difficult and positive times, and it has tried everything that makes me human, in every way imaginable. 

For those of you that don't know our story, Three Bird Nest is named after my three children. I have a tattoo on my forearm that was the inspiration behind the naming of the brand. 

Alicia Shaffer Three Bird Nest Tattoo

Our humble beginnings on Etsy allowed our brand to grown, develop a customer base and offer an exceptional product assortment. Being on a marketplace such as Etsy you have guidelines to abide by and a third party of what quickly became like an unsettled board of directors towards us over the years.

We started off with making all products in house and as we grew we had inhouse and outsourced production help. Interestingly enough we never broke any of Etsy's rules yet we were scrutinized, brutally, because of this. We were lucky enough to have people that support shops that grow, and ones that point fingers accusing you of being a fraud. This just only made me stronger in who I am and lead to our ultimate decision in leaving Etsy to be on our own, allowing us to make, source and just have a fun curated brand of items that speaks to the hearts of our customers. 

During the past 5 years we've experiences SO many changes, hardships, successes that most business owners can speak to. I love to share my stores so if there are any of you what want to learn more about these challenging times, how to overcome..just comment and let us know. I'm happy to help!

I want to thank all of you that are truly kind, genuine and amazing customers. We are so lucky to have you and look forward to growing Three Bird Nest to be a part of your life daily. To deliver you amazing clothing, accessories and gifts. 

Here's to another happy 5 years!



Alicia Shaffer

Founder, Three Bird Nest

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