Summer Style Watch 2013: Headbands

Welcome to 2013, the summer of the headband. For fans of Gossip Girl, the bow headband was a well-used style icon that Blair Waldorf used as her crown as queen of the mean girls. This year, the wider, classic Hollywood styles of headband will reign supreme.

Here are a few of the more common styles and trends this year:

Bow Headbands
Brought to the forefront by Blair and used to create a deceptive appearance innocence, the bow headband has been hot since the advent of Gossip Girl. However, the chicness of the bow headband has been taken a step further, and this little-girl-grown-up look is a favorite of stars like Rihanna.

Lace Headbands
A popular wedding look this year, the lace headband has the look of elegance with an ease of style and effortless-ness. This look has a lot of versatility, from narrow hippie headbands across the forehead, to ornate details for a more formal look, to wide, multicolored lace bands that take up much of the head. There is a version of this look that is stylish and appropriate for any age group.

The glamour of the old Hollywood turban is an iconic image that comes easily to mind with any thoughts of the early days of silver screen, from Liz Taylor to Marilyn Monroe. With a return to classic styles becoming the trend over the last few years, the turband has arrived. This headband has the same classic knot as the front of an old Hollywood turban, without the bulky top. It's definitely a hot trend, and Eva Mendes, for one, has been seen on the red carpet with this style.

No matter your look, whether playful or formal, classic or mod, there is a headband to match it in 2013.

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