Accessories for Little Girls, Oh my!

so i am a mom, i have three kids and yet i don't sell accessories for the little ones...hmmmm

i've luckily been so blessed to have a busy etsy shop + web site that i haven't had a moment to really tackle a few kids items...until now. don't get too excited because literally it's only 2 items ;)

the story:
my daughter is 3 and asked for her own hair bows and boot socks. so i made them and a few extra because i love so much how they turned out!!
 here's my little missy just being herself with the new hair bows

AND the full outfit. she wanted the lace headband and lacy boot socks

kind of dying at how easy she was to pose for me. she's making this WAY to easy!

so you can pick up a little pair of her burn rust socks with fun pom pom fringe. they are scrunched on her and could also be pulled up high over her knee. they'd fit up to a 10 year old easy.

so let me know whatcha think!!!  xo alicia

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