Showing off Lace Boot Cuffs

Lace boot cuffs give you the opportunity to show off the full length of your boots while exposing the gorgeous details of the cuffs. Boots no longer have to be hidden beneath jeans or maxi skirts. Wearing shorts, short skirts and short dresses gives your lace boot cuffs maximum exposure this summer.


Aim for outfits that allow you to show off your stylish boot cuffs this summer.

Shorts are a wonderful way to show off the intricate details of lace boot cuffs in an endless variety of colors. Combining shorts with
lace boot cuffs gives you the chance to wear your boots through both spring and summer. The sewn buttons provide the extra touch that elevates this accessory from causal to dressy, so you can wear them for multiple occasions.

Short dresses can be the perfect complement to boots that are layered with decorated boot cuffs. The shirt dress style is a laid-back style that can be both casual and a little formal with the addition of new accessories. The cuffs can be the perfect touch to a shirt dress that needs to be taken from day to night without much effort.

For a flirty look, you may try combining ornate boot cuffs with a sexy short skirt that can go from casual to a happy hour easily. Pairing handmade boot cuffs with a short skirt can make legs seem to go on for miles.

The attention to detail that is found in these cuffs helps elevate the outfit. The flexible size of the boot cuffs means that you will always have a custom fit, regardless of your size. Using boot cuffs can be the much-needed pop of color to add to an overall monochromatic look. Combining lace cuffs with another solid color in the entire outfit makes the color blocking trend a breeze to tackle. The lace that is used in these cuffs also adds a touch of vintage class to an otherwise modern outfit. Boots often go unnoticed and can easily be a drab choice of footwear. Hand sewn buttons and elaborate patterns with ornate details can be all you need to update your spring and summer wardrobe.


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