four-eyes and fabulous

For us four-eyes is no issue when it comes to looking amazing. We wanted to bring you guys a hair and makeup look to love while wearing glasses.

Use deep bronzes and golds to empahsize your eyes and steer clear from greys and blacks. Glasses cast a dark shadow, so to keep your eyes from appearing sunken in, liven them up with shimmers and brown tones. This also does wonders for green or blue eyes!

Use liners and dramatic shading, like defining your crease, to really make your eyes pop. Don't be hesistant to wear a little more shadow then usual. Glasses with darker frames can somethimes detract from your eyes, so to put the life in your eyes experiment with bolder shading and thickening up your lashes. 


When is comes to your 'do:

Do pull back your hair in a fishtail, low pony, or missy bun to bring attention to your face.

Frame you face with larger wavy pieces pulled out from your braid or bun to give it a slightly messy look to avoid looking to polished.


How do you accessorize your glasses?


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