Tucked Headband DIY Hair Tutorial

Heres another fun and easy hair DIY using a Three Bird Nest Headband!

what you'll need:

-Headband (we used this green and pink beaded one) 



1. start with your hair completely down

2. place headband on over hair

3. move all of your hair behind your shoulders

4. start on one side by tucking the hair round the headband

5. continue to tuck and roll the hair around the headband until you have no other pieces sticking out

6. repeat steps 4 and 5  on the other side and in the middle as well (don't worry if its a little messy, the messier the better!)

7. tuck the pieces in the front around the sides of the headband on both sides

8. pull out some face framing pieces if desired


Let us know in the comments below if you try this tutorial and what other tutorials you'd love to see! <3

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