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BYOB: A Vintage T-shirt to Tote Tutorial

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Spring is in full bloom and it's finally time to pull on your sandals and take a stroll to your favorite farmer's market. In honor of the sunny weather on the way, today we are bringing you a DIY on the ultimate green tote bag to take home your farmer's market finds. Not only is this bag reusable but its up-cycled from some of you favorite t-shirts.

What You Need:

a tank top

fabric scraps cut into strips

a pair of scissors

a safety pin

What You Do:

1. Lay tank on a flat service and using a plate as a guide cut a half circle out of the neck of the tank.

2. Cut 4 one inch wide strips from each of the fabric scraps and stretch, each should be about 7" long. 

3. Snip 8 slits evenly along the bottom hem of the tank, 3 in front, 3 in back and one on each side

4. Attach the safety pin to the end of one of the strings and starting at the left side of the shirt, thread the string through two sections so that both ends of the string come out from the left hem of the shirt.

5. Repeat step 4 on the right side.

6. At the middle slit, thread the 3rd string through the section closest to the left side, under and over the 1st string and through the opposing section.

7. Repeat step 6 on the other side with the 4th string.

8. Pull each section tightly, tying the strings into double knots.

Your tote is all done! Be sure to check out our new tank section here! It has great spring tanks to wear or tote any of your favorite things.

DIY & Photos Via Honestly WTF


  • Stacey: March 09, 2015

    Love the bag also love the jeans where can I find them!!

  • Sandi: March 09, 2015

    You should make a video so people can see it being done

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