How We Wear It: Graphic Tees

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and when it comes to clothing we think it may be the same idea. Lately graphic tees are making a comeback for those of all ages, and just because your favorite tee has a phrase or picture on it, does not mean it only goes with denim and flip flops. We see graphics tees as a way to create a fun and fresh look. Today we are showing you what we pair our graphic tees and tanks with. 

When wearing neutral graphic tees, it's the best time to add a pop of color or mixed texture. This champagne flower crown was just the thing!


Tank / Flower Crown / Bralette

We love mixing textures, so lace bralettes pair perfectly with our cotton tanks!


Tank / PantsBra

When wearing graphic tees, try to have fun with the bottom of your look too! Instead of opting for jeans we chose these flared pants. 


Tank / Bra / Pants

What do you love wearing with graphic tees?

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