How We Wore It: A Look for Lounging

I think everyone can agree, the best part of it finally being Fall is being able to get cozy. Nothing is quite like snuggling up in your favorite knits and so the look we are bringing you today is all about being cute + comfy.

Our bird's eye earwarmer has been one of our favorite fall pieces for three seasons running, so we chose to top of this look with our ivory version.

Leggings don't have to be dull. By layering a basic legging with our rolled edge leg warmers you can be comfortable without being blah. 


I think we can all agree if you are having a lazy day, you are probably messing around on your phone. We wanted to highlight our lovely leather phone case for this look, so now you and your phone can be be adorabley accessorized.

What is your favorite look to lounge in?

What We Wore

Ear Warmer: Three Bird Nest

Tank: Target

Leggings: Three Bird Nest

Leg Warmers: Three Bird Nest

Phone Case: Three Bird Nest

Bangles: Three Bird Nest

Photography: Jennifer Skog Photography

Styling: Texture

Hair + Makeup: Lindsay Skog

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