Fall’s Perfect Pairs

With warm knits and cute cozy accessories here, Three Bird Nest fall is in full effect. This season we have released the best of our fashionable basics in almost every color you could want. This makes pairing our knitted fall pieces easier than ever. Here is how we are planning on pairing our favorite fall items this holiday season.

Lace + Leather

The best way to tone down a girly fashion garment or dress up a simpler piece is to put them together. Try our lace-trimmed items out with a plainer boho piece, like our newest knitted leather leg warmers, for the most amazing mix of materials.

Bohemian Knitted Leg Warmers

Neutrals + A Pop of Color

This year we wanted to incorporate pretty pastels along with our easy-to-wear neutrals. This way you can pair fun colors with basics to perfectly compliment each other.


Head to Toe

By far the best way to wear Three Bird Nest pieces all together is to practice pairing from head to toe. Try knitted hats plus gloves or infinity scarves and lace leg warmers together. We put together fall with simple but special gift-able accents in mind so they would perfectly pair with together, so don’t be scared to mix it up!

Which of our fall favorite do you think pair perfectly together?

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